Making mixed

reality a reality


SDK for true mixed reality

2Sens propriety engine turns any device with dual camera into a mixed reality device


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It’s all about the experience!

2Sens Mixed Reality seamlessly blends virtual content into the real world


How it works

Special hardware? not required!

2Sens developed a complete and proprietary software engine, allowing the natural immersion of the virtual into the real world, in real time

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    2Sens unique technology analyzes the scene in real-time with your device processing power only. 

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    With this real-time scene understandings, we bring to the consumer a new Mixed-Reality experience as well as new type of UGC (User-Generated-Content ): 3D video, mixed with 3D virtual content which naturally interacts with the real world. 

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    This innovative technology solves two of the biggest challenges in AR/MR today: Occlusion and Interaction! Both in dynamically changing environment

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    MR experiences can be live streamed or recorded and can be viewed on any display (2D or 3D)

What makes 2sens unlike any other

Our products

Amazing tech.

Amazing experience.

2sens Engine.

  • Supporting Occlusion of virtual objects in Mixed Reality scenes

  • Allowing Natural interaction between real and virtual objects 

  • Built-in Depth segmentation, 6DOF positional tracking, 3D rendering

  • Operating in real time  and in Dynamic environment (no pre scanning)

  • Working with any smartphone, Stereo camera and AR/MR Headset

  • Infield Calibration adjustment 

  • MR Displaying in 3D (in headsets) or 2D (on any screen)

  • Support Multiple users simultaniously

  • Cross platform 

2sens Camera.

  • 3D plug in camera that turns any smartphone into a stereo camera

  • Lowest power and cost solution 

  • Runs on devices application processor on Minimal computing power

2sens SDK

  • Android SDK and Unity plugin – Available soon


Our solutions

We develop Solutions for

  • Smartphones

  • Stereo Cameras

  • VR Headset

  • AR Glasses

Runs on devices application processor on Minimal computing power. All that’s required is dual cameras (not even the same, with any distance between them) that are available on most of today’s smart devices

Meet the team

behind 2sens

  • Moshe

    CEO, Co-Founder

  • Osnat

    VP R&D, Co-Founder

  • Oren T


  • Elad


  • Oren B


  • Omer


  • Eran



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2Sens is currently looking for:

Senior Computer Vision Algorithm Developer



Office: Sarona, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel

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